Sunday, August 14, 2016

We Need To Talk

Let me introduce myself.  I'm a Republican woman.  I have a Master's Degree like you.  I live in Florida, and yes, I'm lucky enough to be retired.  My husband is still employed and we're in our mid-sixties.  In other words, I'm part of the demographic that your team is probably worried about losing in the November election.

But most importantly to you, I believe, is that I kind of like you.  I voted for Marco in the primaries and I was surprised that you won so many votes.  But I've examined your publicity, I've read the magazines and newspapers and I watch all three Sunday morning news programs that we tape every week while we're at church.  I even watch 60 minutes and tune into both Fox news and NBC news every day.  I want to vote for you.  (That will be important to the media scouts your team probably employs.  I'm hoping they will show you this.)

I want to help you.  You need help.  You need help to win.  Things are different now.  You need my vote and you need a lot of other votes from people like me.

So I'm doing my part.  I'm writing some free advise to you that I hope, I really hope, you somehow see.  Because I want you to win.

Here's today's advise.  Let us see your kindest self.  I'm pretty sure that you are a kind person.  My other friends from New York have a characteristic that I have noticed in you.  They, too, are kind people, but every time they act kindly, they either say something self-effacing or they say something sarcastic or they make a joke of some sort.  It seems to me that culturally, they have a need to balance out their obvious kindness for fear that they will seem braggadocios.

Your comment to the mom about the fussy baby in your recent rally is a great example.  When you told the mom not to worry, you had me in the palm of your hand.  I liked you.  Let us see that.  It's okay.  Because to win votes from women, we have to know that you're going to be nice to moms and babies as your life goes on. 

So easy, right?  Just let us see your nicest self.

That's the advise for today.  I'll be back tomorrow.

Thanks for listening.

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