Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hey man, this week was better!

I can’t tell you how pleased I was when you said in your speeches there were things you said that you regretted.  Now, let’s talk about that commercial Hillary’s been running against you.

First, it’s caused me to respect her less.  I know it’s probably a PAC that’s running it, but she hasn’t told them to stop.  Second, I’m so extremely disappointed in the national press for not even mentioning how hypocritical it is to run something over and over while claiming that what you are running is damaging to children.  Um, Hillary should know that it’s her who is playing your mistakes enough times for all children in America to be aware of the wrong way to talk about people.  You only said them once — she’s pounding them into the kids’ minds.  Extremely bad form.

But back to you.  What you said/did is wrong and this commercial is damaging.  It’s her most effectively damaging slam at you in my opinion.  So why not make a commercial to reply and to reiterate for America that you regret some of things you’ve said.  Use it as a teaching tool for parents to show their kids. 

Stand up there and say, “This is something I want to say to parents and to the kids I know they want to teach the right thing to do.  Because I’m a parent and I’ve had to teach my kids the right thing to do when you make a mistake.  So get them here in front of the TV and use me as an example.  The democrats have been playing three things I said over and over for you in recent weeks in a political commercial that talks about children watching.  I want the children to see this too.  I’ve said some things I shouldn’t have said.  I’m sorry that I said them.  We should never make fun of anybody, we should never use bad words, and we should respect everyone when we talk about them.  We shouldn’t say anything mean because in this country we care about everybody.  Even when we’re upset — it’s the wrong thing to do and I wish I could take back the wrong things I’ve said.  But when we can’t take those things back we have to stand up and say we’re sorry.  Everybody makes mistakes and I’m sorry for the ones these people are playing for you over and over in their commercial.  I wish that you kids never saw me do and say those things.  But since you have, please know that I’m sorry.  Don’t you make mistakes like that.  Be the good kids that you are.  Thanks for listening.”

Go ahead, Mr. Trump.  Give us the apology we want our kids to see.

Thanks for listening.  I’ll be back soon.

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