Friday, September 9, 2016

Your Polls

You're up in the polls this week.  I'm even thinking that you may pull this off.  Like so many citizens I'm tired of all the professional politicians and how unreliable so many are.  Not all of them of course, but so many.  So when you say any old thing that's in your mind, I'm amazed and worried for you, but I can accept it as long as you will also say when you want to modify what you said.

We're a forgiving lot, as you know.  Just ask and we forgive.  And we'd rather have your honesty than a canned, a rehearsed, a plastic president.  (Honestly, I'd rather have a woman -- it's time.  But I'm fussy about things like abortion, so I'll wait for the right candidate.)

The late night guys are just relentlessly making fun of you.  I don't know how you can take it.  It makes me mad that so many of them are simply unable to stop being mean.  I've decided to stop watching because it's really offensive.  Anyone who is willing to subject themselves and their family to the ridicule that comes with entering politics is to be admired, not matter what side of the thought process they're on.  These guys don't know when to quit; they don't know when making us laugh doesn't happen with meanness. 

So stay with it.  We're for you and we admire you, thanks for trying to do what you can.

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