Tuesday, October 18, 2016

High Hopes

Mr. Trump, I haven't written in awhile.  I had such high hopes for awhile but now, I just don't know if you can pull this out.  All those accusations, in the Bill Cosby atmosphere, are so hard for women to put aside.  I think you have to address them directly tonight -- and not in some emotional, kinda crazy way.  Say something like this:

I know it's hard to hear all these accusations about me.  Please remember, I didn't live life like a politician.  I didn't aim for public perfection.  I'm just a regular guy -- like I said a couple weeks ago, I'm embarrassed by that tape from the Access Hollywood bus.  And I'm embarrassed by the  stuff I said on Howard's show.  And if Hillary's campaign works like they have been working all along, they probably have dug up and are saving something else that's going to embarrass me when they play it hundreds of time on your tv screen (all the while saying how worried they are about what the children are hearing -- while THEY play it over and over.)  We know what they care about -- winning.  And I understand that.  We want to win too.  But not so that we can get the power.  I have my power, you have your power.  The only power we want here is to work together to make America better.  And that's the truth.  All this other stuff is presented and worded and exaggerated so that you won't like me and you'll vote for her.  But you're smarter than that.  You've been here before.  I will work with all my energy and passion to make things better for us here.  I will promise to not embarrass you with anything -- I love my family like the current President loves his.  I'll model that in the White House.  I will find the very best people to advise our decisions and to approach our colleagues in the House and Senate so that together we can bring the best back to our economy and our people -- ALL our people.  I promise that women will have more of a role in my administration than ever before.  I know that we need a woman leading in the White House -- but we haven't found the right one yet -- she's not on this stage.  So I'll find the right ones to lead with me. I'll nominate supreme court justices who will hold up the constitution -- you've seen my list.  Elect me please -- turn this thing around.  I want your vote and I promise I'm worthy now and I'll remain worthy to lead.  Thank you.

Win this, Mr. Trump.
We need you.

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